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7 Secret Steps To Ace The Exam

7 secret steps to ace the exam - exam preparation | Tutor2you

7 Secret Steps To Ace The ExamWould you like to know how to help your kids ace their exams? Whilst getting top marks is not the be all and end all, for many students performing at the best or simply outperforming their expectations is a WIN. These 7 steps will show you how to help your […]

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4 Steps To Helping Your Child Avoid Exam Stress

4 steps to help your child avoid the exam | Tutor2you

4 Steps To Helping Your Child Avoid Exam StressWith the end of the term fast approaching many students are starting to prepare for their upcoming exams. Whilst the extent of the end of term exams vary with age, even the youngest of students can benefit from a little bit of structure leading into this period. […]

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1 Building Afternoon Study Habits

helping with homework - build afternoon study habits | Tutor2you

Building Afternoon Study Habits Ten out of ten, top marks, that makes a good student, right? Parents like to hear that their children are doing well at school.  However, it is not just the results achieved that represent a good student.  Study habits are a vital life skill used to achieve good marks. Aristotle said: ‘Good habits formed […]

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How Well Would You Rate Your Child’s Study Skills?

How Well Would You Rate Your Child’s Study Skills?Have you ever wondered why some students seem to ‘just get it’, and others struggle through never seeming to quite keep up at school? Throughout the course of school, and even university, virtually every student we meet reports to never having been taught adequate study skills. Research indicates […]

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