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Top 5 Essay Blunders Students Makes

5 Best Essay Mistakes Students Tends to Make? It’s important that you know to prevent these mistakes seeing as they may ruin your likelihood Several students even realize this rather than make this blunder, and thus their opportunities going far in daily life decrease immensely. The mistake in article writing is that they neglect to […]

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COVID Impacts to Children’s Learning

COVID Impacts To Children's Learning

COVID Impacts to Children’s LearningOver fifty years ago, in the 1960s, songwriter Bob Dylan sang ‘The times they are a-changin.’ How do those words resonate today?  The times are changing, the songwriter says: “And you better start swimming’ Or you’ll sink like a stone For the times they are a-changin.”Many parents and students would never have dreamed that our […]

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12 Tips To Help Your Child Do Revision During the Holidays

tips to help your child do revisions during the holiday

12 Tips To Help Your Child Revise & Catch Up During the Holidays The school term is over, it’s holidays, but your child’s teacher has recommended a revision program. How are you going to persuade your child to revise? Doing extra school work in the holidays has to have a purpose. Otherwise, your child is […]

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Getting Back Into The School Routine

getting back into the school routine - back to classroom tips

Getting Back Into The School RoutineSince the beginning of Term 2, students have been learning from home with their parents but now, it is almost over.  All students will return to school before the end of May in Queensland & 2nd week of June in Victoria.  While the transition of remote learning to back to school […]

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