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Useful Guidelines on How to Become a Tutor

useful guidelines on how to become a tutorDid you know you can capitalise on your passion for teaching and moulding minds? Many companies provide tutoring positions, whether part-time or full-time. Tutoring jobs can also be found on many job portal sites. They range from teaching elementary school children to read and write to helping university students […]

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Debunking the 7 most common myths about tutoring

DEBUNKING THE 7 MOST COMMON MYTHS ABOUT TUTORING Tutoring is a style of education that has been around for centuries.  It used to be an elitist form of education, but in today’s world, tutoring is more readily available and offered at all levels of education.  Knowing what tutoring offers helps debunk the myths that may […]

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Showing Your Cultural Competence as a Foreign Tutor

showing your cultural competence as a foreign tutorLearning environments are becoming more and more multicultural as society progresses. This is why it’s becoming crucial for tutors to show cultural competence in their practice. These practices ensure that students are not put off by educational material because it doesn’t fit their cultural background or because it […]

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How to Be an Excellent Tutor to Primary Students

How to Be an Excellent Tutor to Primary StudentsA good tutor for primary school kids needs to connect with children in the early stages of their academic careers. Here are some tips for tutoring primary school students and helping them succeed in their schoolwork.Be PatientOne of the most important skills that a good tutor must […]

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5 Easy Ways to Make Learning Maths Fun and Interesting

5 EASY WAYS TO MAKE LEARNING maths FUN and interestingMost students consider maths to be difficult. This is usually because of the approach most teachers use to teach the subject or because of the approach most people use to remember maths facts.  Most maths tutors present mathematical concepts in a way that most people don’t […]

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