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7 Signs Your Child Needs Tutoring

7 signs your child needs tutoring Tutoring has been around since antiquity. A time when ancient civilisations educated nobility. It is a form of education that is still used today. Aristotle, who tutored Alexander the Great, was one of the early antiquity tutors. Many of his words of wisdom still apply to today’s students.He said: […]

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12 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Tutor For Your Child

12 benefits of hiring a Tutor for Your ChildThe idea of hiring a tutor for your child may seem like the kind of action taken by the rich and famous. A tutor may seem like a luxury item. However, in today’s fast pace of education, a tutor could be the perfect opportunity for your child […]

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7 Key Benefits of Online Tutoring

7 key BENEFITS OF ONLINE TUTORINGWhat are the benefits of online tutoring?  This is a very current question on the minds of many parents.  Can children benefit from tutoring without the physical presence of a tutor? Here are seven reasons for using an online tutoring system.  Why seven reasons?  Stephen Covey and other authors of motivational […]

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12 Valuable Benefits of One-on-One Tutoring

12 Valuable benefits of one-on-one tutoringOne-on-one tutoring has many benefits for students. It creates a very secure and intimate learning environment. This environment with a personal tutor is conducive to more focus on the subject and a higher level of concentration.Arthur Ashe, world famous American tennis player, once said:”Start where you are. Use what you […]

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Understanding How ATAR Works and How to Calculate it

Understanding How ATAR Works and How to Calculate it.When new systems are introduced into the realms of education, it is natural for parents to be sceptical and needing some answers to their questions. Will the changes are for the better, and will their child have a better chance at tertiary education in the future? The following […]

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