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Chemistry is the study of materials and substances, and the transformations they undergo through interactions and the transfer of energy. The Chemistry curriculum continues to develop student understanding and skills from across the three strands of the F-10 Australian Curriculum: Science that draws on knowledge and understanding from across the four sub-strands of Biological, Physical, Chemical and Earth and Space Sciences.

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  • Unit 1
  • unit 2
  • unit 3
  • unit 4
chemistry Unit 1: Chemical fundamentals: structure, properties and reactions

Properties and structure of atoms

  • Models of the atom
  • Radioisotopes
  • Distribution of elements in the universe

Properties and structure of materials

  • Nanomaterials
  • The importance of purity
  • Carbon based life and astrobiology

Chemical reactions: reactants, products and energy change

  • Minimising use of energy in industry
  • Energy in the body
  • Use of fuels in society

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