A Simple Guide on Maintaining Work-Life Balance as Tutor

a simple guide on maintaining work-life balance as tutorIt’s every professional’s dream to achieve a perfect work-life balance, and tutors are no different. But tutoring as a profession demands almost endless flexibility and constant dynamism. Curriculum, the way they’re taught and even the way they’re graded, change almost without notice for most tutors. This adjustment isn’t […]

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How to Be an Excellent Tutor to Primary Students

How to Be an Excellent Tutor to Primary StudentsA good tutor for primary school kids needs to connect with children in the early stages of their academic careers. Here are some tips for tutoring primary school students and helping them succeed in their schoolwork.Be PatientOne of the most important skills that a good tutor must […]

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10 Tips to Make Homework a Stress-free Experience for Parents

10 Tips to Make Homework a Stress-free Experience for Parents Homework is amongst the top stress factors in the relationships between parents, pupils, and the school.  Children dislike homework, and parents feel their pain.  How can families meet the homework monster head-on and win? Here are 10 helpful strategies to try.1. Time ManagementHaving a schedule and […]

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5 Easy Ways to Make Learning Maths Fun and Interesting

5 EASY WAYS TO MAKE LEARNING maths FUN and interestingMost students consider maths to be difficult. This is usually because of the approach most teachers use to teach the subject or because of the approach most people use to remember maths facts.  Most maths tutors present mathematical concepts in a way that most people don’t […]

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Parents Guide: NAPLAN Preparation Tips

PARENTS GUIDE: NAPLAN PREPARATION TIPSThe National Assessment Program – literacy and numeracy, or NAPLAN is a measure of testing basic skills to assess literacy and numeracy.  The purpose of these tests is to evaluate progress in these areas of learning,  The tests assess students in the early years of schooling for their skills based knowledge […]

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  • April 26, 2022
  • Naplan