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5 Tips On Getting Back Into the School Routine

Group of child holding a big pencil - getting back into school routine

5 Tips On Getting Back Into the School RoutineThe buzz for the new school year is upon us all. An exciting time for all, this is a time for transition.  Whether it involves going to school for the first time, moving up a new grade or even moving to a new school, the process involves adjustments […]

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12 Valuable Benefits of One-on-One Tutoring

12 Valuable Benefits of One-on-One Tutoring - Tutor2you - Article

12 Valuable benefits of one-on-one tutoringOne-on-one tutoring has many benefits for students. It creates a very secure and intimate learning environment. This environment with a personal tutor is conducive to more focus on the subject and a higher level of concentration.Arthur Ashe, world famous American tennis player, once said:”Start where you are. Use what you […]

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Understanding How ATAR Works and How to Calculate it

How ATAR works and how to calculate it with infographic guide by Tutor2you

Understanding How ATAR Works and How to Calculate it.When new systems are introduced into the realms of education, it is natural for parents to be sceptical and needing some answers to their questions. Will the changes are for the better, and will their child have a better chance at tertiary education in the future? The following […]

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5 Tips to Effectively Explain Goal Setting to your Child

mother explaining goal setting to her daughter

5 Tips to Effectively Explain Goal Setting to your ChildGoal setting is a sound educational concept. Parents and teachers know the benefits of goal setting. Building up self-confidence and developing strengths and challenging weakness’. Explaining this concept to your child will be half the battle won towards encouraging them to set realistic goals.Here are five […]

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Back to School Preparation Tips for Parents as Simple as ABC

back to school preparation tips for parents - featured image

BACK TO SCHOOL PREPARATION TIPS FOR PARENTS AS SIMPLE AS A, B, & CGetting ready for school could be as easy as saying A B C.You have probably finished all the basic preparations. Stationery, finding the right school, planning the routine and everything else that goes with physically getting ready for the beginning of the […]

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