Is the thought of studying demotivating? You feel the pressure is too great and the mountain too high to climb. You just don't feel like opening a book and studying. You may have heard a Dr Seuss quote about brains in your head and places you can go a thousand times. Yet, you still don't feel like studying!

Here are some suggestions to get you going again when you reach a study block.

Change your mindset about studying.

Studying is how your brain keeps fit. Young, healthy people enjoy exercise and keeping their bodies in good shape. Your body is the outer appearance of yourself. You eat healthy, exercise or play a sport to stay physically fit. What about your brain and keeping mentally fit? Study time is when your brain gets stimulation and exercise. Keeping your brain fit is part of studying.

Read, remember, revise, repeat.

Try to have a study formula. When you have this kind of formula, it helps you to focus. The revision and repeat part, which consolidates the read and remember part, can only occur if you study in the first place. It is far better to study regularly and fall into this formula's revise and repeat part. Revising and repeating are how the brain remembers best. The revision and recall part of the study time is the most beneficial part of helping you remember and recall the information in the exam room.

Don't try to climb the mountain in one step; try little molehills of success.

A study timetable or syllabus for an exam can seem like a mountain to climb. The temptation to not start the climb is often overwhelming; However, if you give yourself small goals to achieve and have a schedule to follow, the mountain may seem less daunting. Start with a target list and tick off the small milestones you achieve as you go along. Soon you will be more motivated and will reach the top of the mountain sooner than you thought. Every challenge starts with one step, which is the same as studying. Take one action and then another, and soon you will be congratulating yourself.

Have a routine.

This may seem like another burden, but once you have allocated your time for studying, it will become part of your routine, and it will be easier to get on with the task. Add some fun breaks into your routine where you permit yourself to do something relaxing for yourself. When studying becomes part of your everyday habits, it is easier to face your studies with a better attitude. You will convince yourself that this was planned and that you are in control. It will feel more positive to know you had a routine and you stuck to it as best you could.

Make a WHAT, WHY, WHEN poster.

What are you studying?
Use this question to write down what it is you are focused on during your study session. Then, tackle the subject by dividing the study areas into smaller tasks.

Why are you studying?
Give yourself the answer to the why part of the equation. When you know the 'why,' you are more focused on the content because you have a purpose. Your why could be many things and will be different for other people. So why is it a vital part of making sure you focus?

And when do you study?
Finally, look at the 'when' element of your poster. That is your schedule. It always helps to pinpoint your time for studying in the first place. Knowing when, via a schedule, keeps you disciplined and focused. Lack of motivation has probably been the greatest reason for not wanting to study. Have motivational goals in place that will encourage you to want to study. Most of all, remind yourself that studying will help you along your road to success.

Positive intention is a big step towards being motivated to study and reach your goals. When you make a poster that is visually expressing your intentions, you will get into a positive frame of mind. You are the master of your destiny when you start studying with a positive mindset. Use positive thoughts and actions to bring about this positive mindset. When mindful of our intentions, we take positive steps towards success. 


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