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Category Archives for "Study Tips"

7 Effective Note Taking Checklist For Students

note taking checklist for students - featured image | Tutor2you

7 Effective Note Taking Checklist For StudentsNote taking is potentially the number one most misunderstood shortcut to better results. There are two main reasons why note-taking is important. When you are reading or listening, taking notes helps you concentrate and notes help you to maintain a record of what you have understood. This is useful […]

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5 Steps to Easier Afternoons

5 steps to easier afternoons - featured image | Tutor2you

5 Steps to Easier AfternoonsJust as getting the kids ready for school requires a bit of planning, so does their post-school routine. Without a plan, kids are likely to toss their backpacks, lunch bags, all over the place and this can drive any parent crazy. So to avoid some of this after-school chaos and retain […]

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How Well Would You Rate Your Child’s Study Skills?

How Well Would You Rate Your Child’s Study Skills?Have you ever wondered why some students seem to ‘just get it’, and others struggle through never seeming to quite keep up at school? Throughout the course of school, and even university, virtually every student we meet reports to never having been taught adequate study skills. Research indicates […]

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