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7 Brilliant Ways to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

7 BRILLIANT WAYS TO BOOST YOUR CHILD’S CONFIDENCE“Believe you can, and you are halfway there,” said Theodore Roosevelt the youngest American president.   These interesting words from this young president are the essence of self-confidence.  He was the youngest candidate, at the age of 42, to become a president.  These words must have carried him far on […]

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6 Helpful Strategies to Manage School Refusal

6 helpful strategies to manage school refusalSchool days are the happiest days of your life! An ancient saying or a true to life statement. What do you do if your child flatly refuses to go to school? You try every trick known to man from empathy to anger, but nothing works. Here are some suggestions […]

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How to Deal with Back to School Anxiety

how to deal with back to school anxiety First and foremost what is anxiety?  It can range from a feeling of worry or fear that is mild or to more severe anxiety disorders. Back to school anxiety would normally fall into the fear and worry category, unless there are other underlying fears brought to the […]

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How to Support your Child’s Well-being and Mental Health

HOW TO SUPPORT YOUR CHILD’S WELL-BEING AND MENTAL HEALTHIt has been said that school days are the best days of your lives. It may be difficult to feel convinced of that statement in the aftermath of a pandemic. Physical well-being and mental health are two important areas of child development needing support at this time.Education, […]

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Preparing For Term 4 & Why It's Important

PREPARING FOR TERM 4 AND WHY IT’S IMPORTANTSo Why’s Term 4 Important?With term 4 about to begin for many students (and parents) it is important to understand that term 4 is not just the last term of the year, but an opportunity to begin a student’s transition into the year to come.This transition occurs on […]

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