So Why's Term 4 Important?

With term 4 about to begin for many students (and parents) it is important to understand that term 4 is not just the last term of the year, but an opportunity to begin a student's transition into the year to come.

This transition occurs on a number of levels. Students transferring to a new school are often invited to participate in school visits to familiarise themselves with their surroundings. But regardless of what stage of your child's education they are up to there is no doubt that there is a substantial change coming. For many students and parents, it can be daunting.

why term 4 is important

School material gets harder. More responsibility is often placed on the student as they get older. Change and growth will undoubtedly be required.

Term 4 is the time to get your child prepared for what is to come. Start working on those good study habits.

Make sure you start off the term on a good note by not getting caught out. The following are a couple of quick tips to help you prepare your child for the upcoming term.

Preparing for the New Term

Start getting your child to set their alarm clock. It doesn't take long to get out of the habit of waking up at the right time. Starting this habit a couple of days or a week or two before heading back to school will make that first morning a lot easier.

start getting your child to set their alarm clock - preparing for term 4 and why its important

Make sure you have all relevant text books for the coming term (yes, text books can change on a term by term basis). Some subjects like Multi-Strand Science, English, Drama, or History may often require different text books each term as the topics change.

review stationery supplies - preparing for term 4

Review stationery supplies. Take some time to have a quick look around the study area at home and in your child's pencil case. Make sure that they have everything they need.

Prepare a term planner. Having the term planner ready to go once deadlines start rolling is the key to getting off on the right foot. Simply print monthly calendars that cover the whole school term. If you have a younger child help they can spend some time decorating it. Locate the planner in a prominent spot near your child's regular study area.

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