How Well Would You Rate Your Child’s Study Skills?

Have you ever wondered why some students seem to ‘just get it’, and others struggle through never seeming to quite keep up at school?

Throughout the course of school, and even university, virtually every student we meet reports to never having been taught adequate study skills. Research indicates that even university students often use study techniques that are proven to be the least effective. We appreciate children often don’t want to spend hours on end doing homework; we strive to help students maintain balance by giving them the skills and techniques to study and learn more effectively.

Last week we discussed how important it is to understand a student’s learning style. A student’s learning style similarly impact how they respond to different study techniques. Learn more about Learning Styles here.

So how do you rate your child’s study skills?

Our brand new Assessment Platform aims to answer this question and more with our proprietary Learning IQ Assessment. Learn more about our brand new Student Diagnostics Assessments here

The Learning IQ assessment comes as a result of 18 months of research, surveying and monitoring our students to determine exactly what study skills, techniques, and habits have the biggest impact on student results.

The assessment covers eight main areas of study skills.


Based on the assessment results, Aim High  Tutors tailor lessons specifically targetted to improve your child’s needs. Teaching them the skills and strategies needed to become a more efficient and effective student. The powerful time planning and goal setting improve student focus, while concentration and memory techniques and note-taking improves focus on a student’s ability to understand and recall information. Similarly, many students struggle to approach exams or assignments in a structured manner; this leads to results below the students potential.

Using our proven set of highly targeted study skills and strategies, improve focus, motivation, confidence and ultimately results. Best of all these skills can be used from primary school right through to University to bolster results and keep them there.

If your child is lacking confidence and motivation and could use some one-on-one attention, take advantage of our no-obligation free introductory lesson including our brand new diagnostics assessments. Request your Free in-home assessment here.



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