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1 Understanding Learning Styles

understanding learning styles

Understanding Your Child’s Learning StyleIn 1991 Howard Gardner, a university professor at Harvard proposed that students possess a combination of seven distinct bits of intelligence. He reasoned that the biggest challenge for education systems in the 21st century was catering towards these seven different bits of intelligence. According to Gardner, “the current education system assumes that everyone […]

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1 Helping Your Child Prepare For Exams – Exam Prep 101

exam preparations | Tutor2you

Helping Your Child Prepare For Exams – Exam Prep 101The very thought of exams can send shivers down your spine and bring on a mild panic attack. This does not have to be the case, in your child’s life, if you are well prepared.  Helping your child prepare for exams can be tough but before […]

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3 Point Plan To Preparing Assignments

3 Point Plan To Preparing AssignmentsWhat do you do when your child comes home with a project to do.  Happily wielding a list of instructions and a topic to investigate you find yourself looking bleak and wondering how this is going to get done.  Ultimately parents should not interfere but help with the planning will […]

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Assignment Planning 101 – Helping Your Child Stay In Control

Assignment Planning 101 – Helping Your Child Stay In ControlPlanning is so much a part of our lives – schedules, calendars, and diaries. Parents can help their children to develop the habit of planning especially the assignment planning. It is a key to success and valuable at primary and senior levels. If you ever watched the […]

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