Top 7 Study Distractions and How to Avoid Them

top 7 study distractions and how to avoid them Distractions are the interference to learning. They may differ from age group to age group, but there appear to be some common denominators that distract many students.Firstly what is a distraction?  Knowing the enemy makes it easier to deal with.A distraction is something that diverts your […]

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7 Signs Your Child Needs Tutoring

7 signs your child needs tutoring Tutoring has been around since antiquity. A time when ancient civilisations educated nobility. It is a form of education that is still used today. Aristotle, who tutored Alexander the Great, was one of the early antiquity tutors. Many of his words of wisdom still apply to today’s students.He said: […]

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How can goal setting help with academic performance

HOW CAN GOAL SETTING HELP WITH ACADEMIC PERFORMANCEGoals, and setting them up, a football player would agree is the purpose of the game.  The goal posts are there and as a team your aim is to score.  You will have practised and had team talks and chosen the best players.  This is tangible and the […]

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Understanding What Exams Mean To Your Child

UNDERSTANDING WHAT EXAMS MEAN TO YOUR CHILDThis slogan is a popular one at exam time. “Don’t stress, do your best, forget the rest.” Exams are a stressful time for children.  What response would you, as the parent of a child facing exams have to these words. Do they present a message of comfort or perhaps they […]

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