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Top 7 Study Distractions and How to Avoid Them

top 7 study distractions and how to avoid them Distractions are the interference to learning. They may differ from age group to age group, but there appear to be some common denominators that distract many students.Firstly what is a distraction?  Knowing the enemy makes it easier to deal with.A distraction is something that diverts your […]

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How to Ensure my Child’s Safety with Face-to-face Tutoring?

how to ensure my child’s safety with face-to-face tutoring?Education is wearing a new hat in today’s school environment.  It’s homeschooling, and face to face tutoring, that is catering for educational needs in many parts of the world.  Homeschooling puts an enormous amount of pressure on parents.  Deciding on a tutor at home will help with […]

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COVID Impacts to Children’s Learning

COVID Impacts to Children’s LearningOver fifty years ago, in the 1960s, songwriter Bob Dylan sang ‘The times they are a-changin.’ How do those words resonate today?  The times are changing, the songwriter says: “And you better start swimming’ Or you’ll sink like a stone For the times they are a-changin.”Many parents and students would never have dreamed that our […]

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Your Ultimate Guide To Free Remote Learning Student Resources

Your Ultimate Guide To Free Remote Learning Student ResourcesWith the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak causing a global health crisis, restrictions are resulting in many schools operating partially or entirely remotely forcing families to find ways to supervise their children whilst they learn from home.As governments around the world have temporarily closed educational institutions this has […]

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