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4 Proven Homework Managing Tips for Students and Parents

proven homework managing tips for students and parents - featured image - tutor2you

4 PROVEN HOMEWORK MANAGING TIPS FOR STUDENTS AND PARENTSHOMEWORKIt is a common practice for students to be assessed by giving different types of homework. Homework allows students to apply what they have learned in class activity to their home to acknowledge the areas they need to work on.Examples of homework:Answering maths worksheetsReading a chapter of […]

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4 Ways To Give Your Child An Edge With Their Assignments

4 ways to give your child an edge with their assignments - featured image - tutor2you

4 Ways To Give Your Child An Edge With Their AssignmentsAt this stage of the term often many students are in the process of preparing assignments. There are lots of things that parents can do throughout the assignment process that can have a huge impact on the final result. Tutoring thousands of students every week we have noticed that […]

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6 Quick Homework Tips For Parents

6 Quick Homework Tips For ParentsTo do well at school, children need support, and parents have an irreplaceable role in this guidance. When it’s time for secondary school, you may step back and allow your teens to take more control over their assignments. However, reasonable steps will be essential to maintain your child’s willingness to […]

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Assignment Editing and Proofreading Checklist

assignment editing and proofreading for primary and secondary students | Tutor2You

Assignment Editing and Proofreading ChecklistAt this stage of the term, many students are undoubtedly working through this terms assignments. There are a number of opportunities for parents to help support their children through this process.It consists of four main stages: researching, drafting, editing and proofreading. Here are some tips to help you assist your child […]

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How To Research An Assignment (A 5-Step Guide)

ensure your child remains on points when researching an assignment | Tutor2You

How To Research An Assignment (A 5-Step Guide)Writing an essay is easy with the right background research. Without enough relevant research, it is tempting to fill out to the word limit using ‘fluff’. “Keep pulling words out until it stops making sense.”Once you analysed the criteria sheet and identified the key paragraph topics, it is time to […]

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