6 Quick Homework Tips For Parents

To do well at school, children need support, and parents have an irreplaceable role in this guidance. When it’s time for secondary school, you may step back and allow your teens to take more control over their assignments. However, reasonable steps will be essential to maintain your child’s willingness to learn.

6 quick homework tips for parents | Tutor2You

Here are the 6 quick homework tips for parents in helping their child with assignment preparation:

1. Get organized!

First and foremost, take part in any orientation or parent-teacher meeting to get to know your child’s teachers. Frequently track your child’s accomplishments and have access to the assignments and exam schedules.

2. Building regularity

Find a regular place for doing homework, where your child can learn quietly and free of distractions. Also, set regular time for doing assignments. No social sites, TV or games during the arranged time. This will cultivate discipline and boost efficiency.

homework tips for parents - no social sites, tv or games during homework time | Tutor2You

3. Create a “safe zone”

Your child should feel safe to turn to you when the need arises. The responsibility of creating supportive atmosphere is on your shoulders. Dedicate time to speak about school or discuss any topic your child is concerned about. Be your child’s friend and you will reap its benefits in the long-term perspective.

4. Encourage and motivate

Positive remarks are so important! Motivate and coach your child forward with encouraging feedback. But most importantly, be an inspirational example yourself. Think how motivating it can be for your child if you work or read a book yourself when it’s homework time.

5. Time for great shift

Years 8-10 are marked with shifts in relationships, teens’ strive for independence, and spending time away from the family. Know the balance! Don’t deprive your teen of everything but always know who he/she is hanging out with both online and off.

6. Healthy lifestyle

Last but not least, make sure your child has nutritious meals and gets the necessary amount of sleep: 7-8 hours a day. This will immensely improve your teen’s memory and concentration which are crucial factors in learning well.

before anything else preparation is key to success - homework tips for parents | Tutor2You

Key Takeaways

  • Help your children, but never “handicap” them with too much interference.
  • Make it a priority to raise an independent learner and a critical thinker.
  • Be a coach, not a savior.
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    Create a positive atmosphere to learn.
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    Always consider the peculiarities of teenage years.
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    Be an inspirational example yourself!
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