Does In-Home Tutoring Get Better Results?

In home tutoring

Across Australia, more and more families are continuing to access tutoring services for their children. When starting out the process of setting a student up with a tutor, there are a range of factors to consider including the type of service which is going to meet both the student’s and family’s needs.

Whilst online tutoring programs and tutoring centres may be beneficial to some students, most children will have greater academic success when tutoring is received within their own homes. Here are just a few reasons why in-home tutoring is becoming the gold standard for primary and high school students:

Your child receives personal attention

The one-on-one interaction that occurs as part of in-home tutoring gives the tutor a better chance of addressing the student’s specific needs. Each session is able to be planned by the tutor as part of the broader study program to target the child’s academic goals and maximise learning outcomes. In-home tutoring also allows both the tutor and the student to better focus on the topic or task at hand, with fewer distractions than those that exist within tutoring centres. Students also have the opportunity to ask questions or voice any concerns or difficulties in a familiar environment.

Your family’s schedule is a priority

 In-home tutoring also saves time, effort, and money as families are not having to juggle the transportation of children to-and-from a centre on a weekly basis. Most families find this to be a far more convenient option in their already very busy weeks. In addition to this, tutoring which is run in the home allows students to feel more comfortable with greater flexibility offered to suit the needs of the individual families.

tutor helping child with homework

Your role becomes more hands-on

As parents, having tutoring sessions run in the family home allows greater peace of mind that a quality service is being received. It also facilitates better communication opportunities with the tutor as parents are more easily able to build friendly rapport with them. This allows both the parent and tutor to feel more comfortable asking questions of each other, problem-solving any issues and discussing the optimal ways to support each student’s needs.

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