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10 Tips for Students to Boost Productivity

10 TIPS FOR STUDENTS TO BOOST PRODUCTIVITY Productivity or output compared with input is a theory behind economics.Do output and input work for students and their productivity? It certainly does. Knowing how to get the best output based on positive input will make a student more productive.Picasso, the world-famous artist, said:‘Action is the foundational key […]

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8 Ways to Empower your Teenager to be motivated at school

8 ways to empower your teenager to be motivated at school Giving advice about parenting teenagers can feel like a slippery slope and an enormous challenge. However, parents motivating teens to succeed at school is one of the top parenting priorities. Teenagers are notoriously hostile towards school, and while dealing with all kinds of changes […]

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How does in-home tutoring help students?

HOW DOES IN-HOME TUTORING HELP STUDENTS?In-home tutoring, and methods of learning for young students, have changed over the years. Parents want to find whatever it takes to boost their child’s education and build the right concepts to prepare their children for school and successful careers in the future.Many parents must be asking this question. How […]

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What type of learner is your child?

what type of learner is your child?Did you know that children have different learning styles or strengths? Three main types of learning have been identified and called learning styles. They are categorised as visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Learning through seeing, hearing or touching.  Some children have a balance of all three, but some may favour […]

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