Reduce Your Child’s Stress With 7 Time Management Tips

Managing time is part of our daily lives, Benjamin Franklin said: “Lost time can never be found.”

lost time can never be found - benjamin franklin - reduce child's stress with time management tips | Tutor2you

Managing time is a vital life skill.  If you teach your children from a young age they will not have to feel the stress of not being able to keep up with time.

Raising children who respect time is a challenge and it is never too young to start. Starting with age-appropriate tactics and adding on to the skills will always benefit your child.  It will instil a sense of calm when time is not running away with your family.  It is said that being able to manage time contributes to success later in life.  We all want to set our children up for success.

How can your family become involved in managing their time and be less stressed as they try to meet daily schedules and timetables?
  • Plan: Set up a calendar at the beginning of the month with all the scheduled events penned in.  Include the fixed appointments, homework times, sport times and family times.  This gets the month off to an organised start.  The schedule can be added to and days crossed off as they are past.  It could be fun to colour code the family members and then put a sticker next to the event they are involved in.  Train your child to look for their colour on the calendar and know what they will be part of.  Include mom and dad too.
reduce your child's stress with time management tips - set up a calendar | Tutor2you
  • Map out: a daily routine, create time to get ready, have breakfast, attend sport or other activities and schedule something fun for the weekends.
  • Make it fun: add stickers and rewards, have family ‘time to do’ competitions like tying a shoelace in the best time or being first ready at the car in the morning,
  • Understand the measures of time: show your children how long a minute, five minutes, fifteen minutes and so on lasts using a timekeeping device like an hourglass or kitchen timer.
reduce child's stress with time management tips - understand the measures of time | Tutor2you
  • Stick to your times: If you have a set pattern of times to accomplish something, then stick to those times.  Don’t keep moving the goal posts as this does not set the bar for being on time.
  • Don’t over schedule: Try not to be unrealistic in the plans and scheduled events. There will need to be time to get to venues, get ready for extra activities and then time to travel to the events.  All this is stressful if there really is not enough time to do it all.
  • Know when enough is enough: Be ready to admit when there is too much on your schedule. You will know when the family are dragging their heels and complaining that the stress of running all over the place is getting to be too much.

Surely, Benjamin Franklin would agree that a moment well managed is never lost. Teach your children how to manage time and see how knowing that you are ‘in time’ will make a real difference to everyone.

Reduce Your Child’s Stress With 7 Time Management Tips - Infographic | Tutor2you

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