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About our Tutor:

Hi! My name is Siobhan and I'm studying a Bachelor of Music at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. I studied the International Baccalaureate Diploma in high school and majored in Music and Film. In my spare time, I love playing music with my friends, composing music, reading books and writing stories. I'm also a bit of a Neuroscience nerd who loves reading/learning about the brain! I decided to start tutoring to help students who wanted help either maintaining, improving or advancing their skills in the relevant discipline. I've discovered along the way how rewarding and joyful it is for both parties involved to witness the growth and excellence. However, I am aware that sometimes it's not always perfect and there can be difficult periods of time in one's learning. I think a good tutor is able to adapt to the needs of their clients and to both the brilliant and exciting moments, but also provide optimal guidance and support in the difficult times. I believe whole-heartedly that every student deserves to feel confident about their learning :)

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Learn Why 98.9% of Clients Recommends Us

What You Can Expect from Tutor2you

The Selection Process

Before joining Tutor2you, every tutor goes through a rigorous application, to ensure we only find the right people. The process includes:

  • Multistage interview
  • Identity and reference checks
  • Academic credentials
  • Working with children checks
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Support & Ongoing Development

We believe in providing a scientific approach such that each and every tutor provides consistently good quality teaching that's right for each student. We achieve this by:

  • Each tutor receives thorough on-boarding in delivering tailored teaching
  • Actively reviewing tutor performance and feedback

Here's How Our Tutors Can Help

  • Provide individualised attention your child won’t get at school
  • Improve academic performance, increases confidence and motivation
  • Bridge knowledge gaps with tailored lesson plans
  • Provide comprehensive feedback after every lesson
  • Expertly guide your child through theory and examples
  • Expertly guide your child through theory and examples
  • Assign tailored practice homework
  • Reduce stress
  • Specifically target aspects of study skills to improve learning
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Our Core Values

We’re Professional

We take pride in our reliability, independence, excellent communication and have respect for not only others but ourselves. For many, these are mantras but for us, they come naturally.

We Inspire

We're confident in our abilities, as we've 'been there and done that'. We acknowledge that students look up to us and as such respect the opportunity we have to make a positive and lasting impact on our student's lives.

We Empathise

Deep down we recognise that we're in the business of helping people. We recognise and respect the challenges that not only our students but their parents face.

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