Make Sure You Meet Your Child's Tutor Before Paying A Cent

Finding the right help for your child to achieve their academic goals is important. Parents need to consider a range of factors when finding the right tutor for their child which is why it is so helpful to meet with potential tutors in person before committing to a longer-term program with them. Some of the advantages of this include:

Are They The Right Fit

The opportunity to ensure the tutor is the right fit. Every child is unique with different needs, personalities, interests and preferences. Having an initial session with a tutor gives both you and your child the opportunity to get to know them better and determine whether your child will be comfortable learning from them.

Make Sure The Lessons Go Beyond 'Homework Help'

Tutoring goes beyond homework help. Whilst assistance with homework tasks and assessment pieces may be a part of tutoring services, it is important to ensure this is not the only focus. Diagnostic assessment tools are a crucial first step to identify fundamental gaps in student’s knowledge. With this information, tutors are better equipped to teach their students principles that will not only help them successfully complete homework tasks, but also maximise their future learning of more advanced concepts. It is also important for tutors to take into consideration individual student’s learning styles to promote their understanding of new information, as well as giving them a better insight into their own patterns of learning which will assist them academically in the future.

Set Clear Expectations

Clear expectations and goals. The initial session with your child’s new tutor is a great opportunity to have an open discussion about your specific expectations and goals for your child’s education. Every family is different and it’s important for you to have the opportunity to discuss with the tutor any relevant previous information about your child and what your goals are for the upcoming school term.

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