5 Tips On Getting Back Into the School Routine

The buzz for the new school year is upon us all. An exciting time for all, this is a time for transition. 

Whether it involves going to school for the first time, moving up a new grade or even moving to a new school, the process involves adjustments and setting up schedules.

So no matter how old your school going kid may be, to make the transition smoother, here are a 5 pointers to help your child get back into their school routine.

Tips on Getting Back into the School Routine After Break| Tutor2You

1. Make it a family affair

Getting ready for the start of school can be an exciting as well as emotional time for children. 

getting back into the school routine - make it a family affair

Putting a positive spin on the upcoming experience can help the child feel excited about starting school. Get involved by discussing fun things to look forward to in school, seeing old friends again or making new ones. Shop with your child when purchasing school supplies and clothes so they not only feel excited but also involved in the process.

2. Calling all night owls

Children will easily slip into a relaxed schedule of sleeping late and waking up even later over the summer break. This is perhaps their most prized sense of freedom and will need the most work to correct. For younger children, set them up on an early bedtime schedule well before school is set to resume. Going cold turkey on an early bedtime right before school starts is not going to work well for anyone but getting proper rest beforehand will.

3. Establish healthy eating habits

Just as sleep patterns become lax over summer, so do eating practices. Children will also ease into the habit of having irregular meal times during the summer that need to be aligned more with the upcoming school day schedule. Getting adequate sleep and proper nutrition are the two most important boosts needed to make for a successful day at school.

By establishing a healthy eating habit, your child will easily get back into the school routine | Tutor2You

“Getting adequate sleep and proper nutrition are the two most important boosts needed to make for a successful day at school.”

Get back school routine by establishing a early bedtime that will let your child have enough sleep and proper rest | Tutor2You

4. Avoid morning meltdowns

Morning madness to get dressed, have breakfast and head out the door can be civilly prevented by taking care of routine tasks the night before. Make sure that clothes are chosen and laid out, backpacks are stacked and packed, and where possible non-perishable lunches and snacks are bagged the night before to prevent any unwanted last-minute delays.

5. Label, label, and label

True that once kids are at school, they are out of your hands and pretty much on their own. To avoid confusion and work towards effective crises management, label all of your child’s possessions. That way, even when things go missing, there will be a name tag somewhere in the “Lost and Found” which will help you trace the misplaced items.

From the parents’ perspective, the start of the school year can be a time of excitement (or relief) as it will allow them to get back to a more normal routine. So whether it’s seasoned parents who cannot wait for kids to return to school or first-timers who are nervous about letting them go out on their own, know that everyone needs to work together to get organised to make the school experience a rewarding one.

What are your recommended tips? Share us your back to school routine in the comments or on Facebook!


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