Getting ready for school could be as easy as saying A B C.

You have probably finished all the basic preparations. Stationery, finding the right school, planning the routine and everything else that goes with physically getting ready for the beginning of the school year. 

ABC blocks for parents preparation tips

Could there be more to start the year off just right?  Think of A B C and try these tips for a successful start to the academic year.

A for Attitude, B for Balance and C for Communication.

infographic tutor2you - back to school preparation tips as simple as ABC

A = Attitude:

Having a healthy attitude towards any new venture is half the battle won, especially at the beginning of the new school year.  How do you encourage a good attitude to school?

mother and daughter preparing for back to school
  • Speak positively about school and be excited about the New Year ahead.
  • Review reports and find areas of excellence and complimentary comments.
  • Look at the calendar for events that your child will be excited about attending.
  • Go over the routine and if your child is attending a new school or school for the first time take time to drive the route to school and create awareness of how to get there and what to expect on the school run.
  • Try on backpacks and school kit so that everything is ready and organised and comfortable for that first day. Make sure everything is labelled.

B = Balance:

Start the new school year with a balance of schoolwork, sporting commitments, homework time and recreation. How do you get a sense of balance and prepare for a well-rounded year for your child at school?

  • Planning is very important for every new venture. Have a schedule in mind that is balanced between schoolwork and other commitments.
  • Build on your child’s strengths. Success breeds success and if your child has a particular talent or interest in something be ready to encourage that area.
back to school preparation tips for parents - balance planning

  • Balance the day at home with a timetable that schedules homework and study time with TV time and sports or recreational time. Balancing time and planning are a very important life skill. It is never too early to bring awareness of planning into your child’s daily routine.
  • Be prepared and have everything ready the night before. If the day starts smoothly with a well-planned routine it is more likely to be a balanced day with a positive start.
  • It is equally important to have a balanced bedtime routine. End the day with a calm closure and a good night’s sleep ready for the next day.

C = Communication:

Keeping good lines of communication open is a vital part of making a positive start to the year. What are the keys to clear communication at school?

  • Communication with your child’s teacher, especially at the beginning of the year, is very important. Take advantage of school open days and meet your child’s teacher.
mother communicating to teacher for back to school

  • Encourage your child to be open and honest with school issues. School is like a micro model of society and there will be many differences to deal with socially, emotionally and physically. It will help your child to know you are right there and ready to listen constructively.
  • Talk about consequences. Communicate to your child that with every action there is a reaction, a consequence. If you provide the guidelines for a daily routine, and your child chooses not to follow your lead, then there are consequences.
  • Communicate with your child’s friends and encourage social activities. Interacting with other children and being sociable at school and after school is part of being accepted and feeling positive about school.
mother and daughter sharing words of encouragement for new school term

  • Let your child know you are there for them no matter what. In good times and bad times, they can come and talk to you about how they feel and together you can try to resolve any issues. 

Getting back to school could be as easy as A B C with these three underlying principles.

Key words like attitude, balance and communication may just be the right links to a smoother start to the year and a way to follow through into the rest of the year. 

Can school days really be the best days of your child’s life? These easy ABC’s may just help you have a positive start to the new school year and some of the best school going days.

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