7 little changes that will make a big difference to your atar

ATAR assessment results may be a number, but it is a significant number and a gateway to your child's future in planning tertiary education. Your child's ATAR score is made of marks from different subjects achieved during year 12. These marks contribute to a ranking score. The ranking gives students a score out of 99, 95, in line with other students of that year. There are various aspects to the score with practical and study-orientated tests.

It is a well-rounded, comprehensive assessment tool based on performance during the year. A positive attitude from early on will stand your child in good stead for a successful ranking.

Try these 7 small changes of attitude towards ATAR with your child. Share the tip and make a chart of these strategies. Then explain each one to your child.

Remember, minor changes could make a big difference to their result.

1. Time management is an excellent place to start.

Remember, this is a small window of opportunity to make the time count. If you know your child is not good at managing study or work time, then make a timetable as a guide. Factor in the time spent on work and time on relaxation. Good study habits are never a waste of time. Ready-made timetables are available off the internet, and schools are willing to help in this area. It is a good life skill to learn how to manage time. They say time waits for no man, so teach your child to use theirs wisely.

Time management is an excellent place to start - 7 little changes that will make a big difference to your atar

2. Practice makes perfect.

Make sure your child is familiar with the requirements and practice any areas that appear to have gaps. Schedule a time with a tutor to ascertain any areas of weakness in the scheme and start early on to close the gaps noted. Organise a consult time with your child's teacher to pinpoint these weak areas and have a goal to work towards improving overall grades.

3. Don't compare yourself to others.

Teach your child about monitoring their own progress. ATAR is an individual assessment. Although the students are ranked in a group of their year 12 classmates, their score is a result of their work. Their practical work is under assessment. The assessment gives all students a fair chance to perform throughout the year, not just at exam time.

4. Think about forming a study group.

Meeting like-minded people who share your ideals for getting a great ATAR result is a good idea. Make sure it is a group that has the same intentions and goals. The group should be supportive and enthusiastic. Meeting with some adult or tutor intervention will add value to the group and ensure the students stick to the agenda.

Think about forming a study group - 7 little changes that will make a big difference to your atar

5. Be honest with yourself.

Help your child to take a good look at their performance in their studies and their grade. In all honesty, let your child pinpoint their weak spots and focus on uplifting those areas. Your child could ask their teacher for some input in helping to decide their weaker areas and then work towards uplifting and improving their marks. Their previous school reports and parent interviews will help determine the weak spots. This is about facing up to what needs to improve positively. Try to explain this concept to your child.

6. Make sure you understand fundamental concepts.

If your child does not have the basic building blocks to help them with any concepts in the curriculum, they will struggle to maintain the expected standard in that area. Make use of a tutoring company to help your child through any difficulties. Understanding what they are learning about is more important than memorising specific facts. Learning with understanding is the key to better overall performance. When you fully understand a concept, you can apply the knowledge to different situations.

7. Keep yourself healthy.

Probably the best advice of all is to maintain a healthy routine. Help your child to have a healthy diet, exercise between study time, and get enough sleep. It is a stressful time because the outcome of ATAR may impact your child's choice for their future education. Dealing with stress without a good night's sleep, healthy nutrition, and an element of exercise makes studying and performing in exams more challenging.

Keep yourself healthy - 7 little changes that will make a big difference to your atar

In Conclusion: 

Take the tips one by one and print a list for your child to keep as a visual reminder of these simple changes. Share this quote with your child. It is a helpful reminder of a basic healthy attitude.

Take care of your mind,
Your body will thank you.
Take care of your body,
Your mind will thank you.
Debbie Hampton.

(Author and Blogger for the bestbrainpossible.com)


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