12 benefits of hiring a Tutor for Your Child

The idea of hiring a tutor for your child may seem like the kind of action taken by the rich and famous. A tutor may seem like a luxury item. However, in today’s fast pace of education, a tutor could be the perfect opportunity for your child to get ahead in their studies. Today’s tutors and tutoring programmes are designed to reach out and help individual children with their educational needs.

Tutoring is not a new educational trend and has been around since the beginnings of formal education.  Socrates tutored Plato, and Plato tutored Aristotle, and Aristotle tutored Alexander the Great in the earliest days of tutored learning.  These first known educators laid the foundations for classical Greek learning, and the lessons were all provided by tutors.  In today’s world of education, there are many reasons why you should consider a tutor for your child.

Consider this list of positive reasons for using a tutor. Some, but maybe not all, could convince you of the plus factors behind hiring a tutor.

  • A tutor works on a one on one basis with your child, giving him/her personal attention at all times.  The tutor is able to keep your child focused on the task at hand.
  • A tutor can be called on to help in specific areas of weakness and help a struggling pupil gain confidence in difficult subjects or areas of study.
a tutor works on a one-on-one basis - reasons why you should hire a tutor - tutor2you
  • A pupil with a tutor does not feel self-conscious about asking for help in subject areas that need further explanation.  There is no need for the student to feel self-conscious about asking for help with something difficult to understand.
a tutor will help fill in the gaps - reasons why you should hire a tutor - tutor2you
  • Skill-based learning is easier to absorb and understand with a person ready to answer any questions.  Each skill can be learnt, checked for understanding, and then used with practical explanations and demonstrations.  Repetition helps the student grasp the concept.
  • If your child is struggling to keep up in a particular area, a tutor will help fill in the gaps and prepare your child for exams or tests on a particular subject.
  • Students who are doing well and have the potential to do even more may benefit from further stimulation from a tutor. The tutor who knows the child’s potential can increase the level of learning to suit a particular child’s abilities and interests.
  • The learning environment with a tutor on board becomes more conducive to asking questions and getting the attention of the tutor. The tutor can encourage questioning, and the student has undivided attention. Shy or nervous children will enjoy being able to ask questions without feeling peer pressure.
  • Children with exceptional talent in an area of learning could have a tutor to encourage that specific area. Learning to play the piano or develop an artistic talent would benefit from tutoring with a specialist.
  • Learning becomes more efficient. A pupil with a tutor can learn more in a specific amount of time. When a concept is learned, the tutor can move on or embellish the learned topic.
  • Children struggling with basic skills will benefit from a tutor to enable them to learn their basic concepts. A tutor will ensure they have the fundamental skills they need before moving onto more difficult lessons.
  • Hiring a tutor is a more economical option to get private or specialised tutoring compared with the expense of private schooling.
  • In times of illness or the current situation of a pandemic, a tutor can fill the role of a teacher in the security of your home.
a tutor can fill the role of a teacher - reasons why you should hire a tutor - tutor2you

Hiring a tutor is something to think about based on the different opportunities that arise from the list you have just read. Not every parent is equipped to be the best educator for their child. A tutor helps with encouraging children to develop thinking skills and ultimately grow in the different learning areas they need to build up and develop according to their level of ability.

Socrates, one of the world’s original tutors, said:

“I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think.”

Finding out how to think for yourself is one of the greatest learning skills. Inviting a tutor into your home or use an online tutor would give your child exactly that kind of opportunity.

If your child requires some additional support may it be in-home or online, we're here to help! Visit https://tutor2you.com.au/ to book a free consultation with our trained & certified tutors today.


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