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1 Understanding Learning Styles

understanding learning styles

Understanding Your Child’s Learning StyleIn 1991 Howard Gardner, a university professor at Harvard proposed that students possess a combination of seven distinct bits of intelligence. He reasoned that the biggest challenge for education systems in the 21st century was catering towards these seven different bits of intelligence. According to Gardner, “the current education system assumes that everyone […]

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Does In-home Tutoring Get Better Results?

Does In-Home Tutoring Get Better Results? Across Australia, more and more families are continuing to access tutoring services for their children. When starting out the process of setting a student up with a tutor, there are a range of factors to consider including the type of service which is going to meet both the student’s […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Book Till You Meet Your Child’s Tutor

Make Sure You Meet Your Child’s Tutor Before Paying A CentFinding the right help for your child to achieve their academic goals is important. Parents need to consider a range of factors when finding the right tutor for their child which is why it is so helpful to meet with potential tutors in person before […]

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1 Finding The Gaps With Maths & English Diagnostics

Finding The Gaps With Maths & English DiagnosticsIt is well understood that the Australian Curriculum, builds on itself, year on year. What a student learns this year will form the basis for his or her subsequent learning in the years ahead.  So what happens if your child doesn’t quite grasp every topic, concept or rule? […]

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How Well Would You Rate Your Child’s Study Skills?

How Well Would You Rate Your Child’s Study Skills?Have you ever wondered why some students seem to ‘just get it’, and others struggle through never seeming to quite keep up at school? Throughout the course of school, and even university, virtually every student we meet reports to never having been taught adequate study skills. Research indicates […]

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