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help your child with the "successful students weekly checklist"

A 14 page guide packed full of actionable strategies that the 'A' students use.

This checklist is a simple to use tool to help get your child on track, become more focused, more disciplined and ultimately, become a better student.

The checklist focuses on 8 steps to successful study, which if implemented will unlock the key to success.

  • Getting ready for study
  • Goal setting
  • Time management
  • Memory & focus
  • Note taking
  • Building effective study habits
  • Assignment preparation
  • Exam preparation
  • How This Checklist Will Help

    Get More Organised With Highly Effective Habits

    • Develop an easy to use revision plan for upcoming exams
    • Keep assignments and notes sorted
    • Create an effective weekly plan

    Stay More Focused & Improve Memory

    • Overcome distractions
    • Maximise study efficiency and effectiveness

    Become A Better Student

    • Become more disciplined
    • Earn to apply the techniques used by successful students (scientifically proven to work)
    • Stay more focused during class

    Take More Responsibility

    • Meet deadlines
    • Fulfull responsibilities
    • Keep track of homework and assignments

    What Our Clients Say

    Tutor2you has been amazing for my daughter in grade 6. We previously tried a well known tutor company which after 12 months didn’t help at all and just after 6 months with Riah my daughter tells me she now feels like she’s caught up with everyone else in her grade and is so proud of herself, all thanks to her tutoring with Riah. We couldn’t recommend tutor2you enough!!!

    Rachel M., 

    I have been using tutor2you for my 6yr old daughter ( yr 1) for 6-8 months roughly. The improvements her school teacher , tutor Emily and myself have seen in my daughter is just AMAZING! From level 3 reading ( barely been able to read simple sentences/ books) to now level 8! ( more confidence in reading by herself ) 
    My daughter now enjoys doing reading, maths and definitely having her lessons with Miss Emily. Her tutor is a beautiful lady who has worked magic ( Emily) . The cost is amazing for the benefits your child/ren gets and they are great with payments that suit you best .
    10/ 10

    Amanda S., 

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